Mayor: Mitchell Minaar

A 42 year old immigrant from South Africa, has been mayor for the past 11 years. Has a PhD in urban planning and two children in elementary school.

Sheriff: Angela Kuznetsov

A 34 year old with a masters in criminology. Enjoys being bored out of her skull. Which is a problem considering the mysterious amount of missing persons.

Deputy: Issac Heliosi

A 42 year old deputy. A little bitter than he didn't get the sheriff’s position. Despite his 20 years experience. He also didn't get his high school diploma. That may be part of it.

Deputy: Jonas Peaves

38, is tired of your shit, hates most kids. Father of Samantha Peaves.

Doctor: Hurley Johnson

A 28 year old who goes by Doc. This is his first year outside medical school.

Doctor: Naomi Watts

A 66 year old civil rights activist. Not good with kids.

Vagrant: Sid

An 86 year old “gold panner” came to Opal Bay back in the 40s after hearing a rumour there's precious metals and gems in the area.

Vagrant: Vicious Rick

A literal crazy old man, except not old, he's 28. Still pretty crazy though.

Farmer: Justin Peirce

A 44 year old apple farmer. Farm’s not doing so well.

Farmer: Lana Pierce

A 40 year old apple farmer. May despise her husband and be considering a divorce, but that may be just a rumour.

Farmer: Nick Demense

A 36 year old former stockbroker, quit his high stress job to start a family with his spouse out in the country.

Farmer: Kelly Takashida

She's a 36 year old former office manager for a stockbrokers office, left her job to start a family with Nick Demanse.


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