School Officials

Principal: Marcus Muggs

At 56 years old, he's fairly round shaped, but well muscled beneath the fat. A bit of an over the top angry person. Is likely not actually angry. Is likely headed for a heart attack.

Vice Principal: Sharon Lunari

A 37 year old, charismatic, stern woman who brooks no resistance. Muggs might yell til he’s red in the face, but Lunari is the one who inspires fear.

Teacher (Social Studies) Ingrid King

A 72 year old woman with an eye patch, doesn't look a day past 80. Some say she's a witch, but she's actually not, maybe.

Teacher (Math) Benny Rioccini

A friendly 34 year old, known to have a lax hand on discipline, smokes with the smokers. Rumour has it is dating Vice Principal Lunari.

Teacher (English and Homeroom): Mark Mackenzie

A 65 year old teacher, generally fun, actually cares about his job but is starting to feel the years. Big on poetry and plays.

Teacher (Art/Drama) Leonard British

A way too energetic Englishman, 52, likes interpretive dance and people unleashing their feelings. Always smells funny.

Teacher (Music): Henreitta Constantino

A 44 year old Nicaraguan immigrant. Energetic and boisterous, has been known to make people blush with her… colourful language.

Teacher (PE/Health): Sarah Potts

A 27 year old possibly alcoholic. You will exercise and you will like it.

Teacher (Science): Dr. Harriet Dovinski

A 41 year old former medical doctor, and mother of Lulu Dovinski, left the medical practice after a tough divorce, likes the easy, regular hours that allow her to be closer to her daughter.

Teacher (Computer Science): Doug Hiss

A 69 year old man who scarcely knows how to turn a computer on, but he can teach typing. Kind of.

Teacher (Shop): Felicia Donner

A 32 year old former farmer. Doesn't have a teaching degree, but knows how the machines work. Spends most of her time watching hockey in her office.

Teacher (Spanish): Lola Guadalupe

A 24 year old Spanish teacher, immigrated from Mexico a few years ago. Has a bachelors in computer science, but speaks Spanish, so…

Teacher (French): Doug Forcett

A 41 year old of Canadian birth. Moved South from from Calgary, Canada after getting his teaching degree. Has been a teacher of varying subjects in Opal Bay ever since. Has a special kinship with stoners, likely as a result of his having been one earlier in life.

Cafeteria Worker: Fred Dublin

An overly muscular Irishman 27 year old who serves out advice and a foreign delicacy known as poutine.

Cafeteria Worker: Sarah Southman

A 40 year rotund black woman from Louisiana, serves up support and gravy. All the gravy.

Nurse: Erik Sveitlheim

A 6’6 viking of a man. Including braided hair and beard. Pure muscle, nobody understands what he says, but he’s very gentle. 

Librarian: Janet Weilerman

A 27 year old woman with a passion for books bordering on the “slightly above normal”. She’s okay with her job, and espouses the day when all books will be available by computer and handheld computers. May have been into disco. A lot.

Counselor: Harvey Weissenstein

A 42 year old who genuinely cares about his students. Is, however, hopelessly out of touch with them.

Janitor: Nick

Nick is a middle aged (?) Janitor with salt and pepper hair. Blends into the woodwork. Watching. Always watching.

The Mascot:  

A cartoonishly depicted highwayman with a tri-corner hat, mask, cloak, foam sword, and big bag with a money sign on it. Has a giant mascot head.

School Officials

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