House Rules

Things You Need To Know, In A Nutshell

Important: I put this first as it will drastically alter the game from normal Chronicles of Darkness. The players are teenagers, they are smaller than adults, slower than adults, and less coordinated than adults. The baseline stats we use are for teens, adults would have significantly higher attributes at this baseline. What this means is that, when in most physical contests with adults or supernatural monsters that would pose a threat to adults, the adult/monster rolls 8 Again. That is not a typo, if you try to take on a police officer, they're rolling 8 Again to beat you down with a nightstick.

What we’ll be using:

Chronicles of Darkness:
It's the core we’re following. Use Chronicles except when overridden by what's written below.

We’ll be making use of Practical Experience and Tactics.

We’ll be making use of the “template”, alterations to skills, and merits. The master Merit list of what's allowed will be published on a different page. Pertinent information will be repeated in the character creation section, but here are the broad strokes.

Your base size is 4, rather than 5. This grants you +1 die when rolling stealth to hide, in addition to its normal effect on health points. Additionally, you may receive bonuses from the storyteller when trying to squeeze through holes, or convince others that you are harmless/innocent.

Skills at character generation are 10/6/4 with 2 specialties, rather than the normal 11/7/4 with 3 specialties.

Unless you have the appropriate merits (Mental Prodigy, Physical Prodigy, Social Prodigy) your skills cannot be raised to a fifth dot.

The available skills are slightly different:
Drive is only available for one dot (learners permit), and you're unlikely to have constant access to a car. (Ask your parents, or your storyteller).
Academics and Science have been rolled into the single skill, Study.

As you are still a teenager, Professional Training is NOT available. However, there are a few perks that come from having not yet grown up.

Firstly, Everyone gets one instance of the unseen sense merit. This represents children being more open to the supernatural. Note that this is not a perfect early warning system. When you enter what you believe a vampire lair, for example, your vampire sense will be going off regardless of whether any vampires are present.

Secondly, as you're in Highschool, whether you want to or not, you're going to be in a Clique. That doesn't mean you’ll only ever consort with people from your clique, but being around people with shared interests and passions has its advantages.

You will select both a primary and a secondary clique. Primary cliques are the social group you are most known to be a part of, the secondary clique is something of a secondary interest or group of friends you may have. For more details, please consult the Cliques page.

Thirdly, the party gets access to a thematically appropriate 4 dot safehouse. This is the group’s hideout or clubhouse.

Lastly, When reasonable to have access, a +2 Library (as per the Library merit) to all mental skills. (Opal Bay High has a pretty radical library).

The contacts and allies merits are now lumped in together, called Contacts. When you take a dot in Contacts, you may select a person from the locals, or create your own contact.

Also, as a holdover from previous hunter games, in addition to having friends and whatnot, you also have TWO contacts.

House Rules

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