Character Creation

Character Creation:


1: Choose your concept.

In Horror at Opal High everyone will be playing High School students entering their Sophomore year, (grade 10) such that you should be roughly around the age of 15 or 16, barring being moved ahead or held back in grades.

Your concept is the general idea behind your character, an idea that can usually be surmised in a single sentence. Some examples being “Teen Detective”, or “Troubled Athlete with a Heart of Gold”, or “Art student haunted by dreams of a neon lighted sunken city.”

A few requests, however, are that we're aiming for a relatively stable living situation. By which I mean your character has a guardian and a place they can sleep, eat, etc. A few examples are “living with mom and dad”, or “living with mother, parents divorced and father living in New York”, or “parents have died and are in foster care”, or “parents disappeared mysteriously and now they're living with their older sister who's working at the 10 cent store”.

2. Choose your Attributes
This step proceeds as per normal, you have the standard 5/4/3 attributes.

3. Select your Skills
This step proceeds mostly as normal, but as you are younger you only get 10, 6, 4 for your skill groupings, and you get only 2 specialities. That said, the skills Science and Academics have been rolled into “Study” and the Drive skill is not longer available.

4. Choose your Cliques
As part of being a High School student, you’ll inevitably find yourself in a clique.

Mechanically, what you need to do is select both a primary and a secondary clique.

Your primary clique is the group that you're most associated with, your tribe so to speak. There are advantages associated with each group, and oftentimes disadvantages.

The first advantage is that you roll an additional 2 dice when making a social roll with people from your primary  clique.

The second advantage is that each clique has advantages and disadvantages associated with it. For more information on what cliques there are and what they grant please check the Cliques page.

You may also select a secondary clique. This can represent another interest you may have, or perhaps there’s an old friend in the clique, anything along those lines. You roll 1 additional die when making a social roll involving someone from your secondary clique.

Optionally, you may choose to have no links to any cliques and become an Outsider, this is not recommended as there are severe penalties. See the Outsider clique for more information.

If you have an idea for a clique that isn't on the list, talk to the storyteller.

5. Select your Merits
You have the normal 7 merit points to spend. For a list of authorized merits, please consult the merits list. Note that some of the merits are altered from what's written in the sourcebooks. If you would like a merit not on the list, please consult the storyteller.

6. Calculate your Traits
Your traits are your speed, health, willpower, etc. Remember that your default size as a teenager is 4, rather than the normal 5. This decreases your health as part of the normal calculation, but also grants you a +1 to stealth rolls to hide.

7. Round out your character
This is the nitty gritty of your character. Deciding your character’s aspirations, their family and friends, their virtues and vices, etc.

It's not mandatory, but I suggest documenting social connections with a NPCs. I have made available a list of NPCs called The Extended Cast. I recommend selecting a few friends, a few enemies, a rival, a crush, an enemy, a sibling or a cousin, that sort of thing. If you want to create your own connections, feel free.

Character Creation

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