Welcome To Opal High

Pay attention in class, do your homework, don't be late, don't die, make friends, don't smoke, don't talk to strangers, don't die, win the trophy, go to the dance, sneak out after curfew, don't die, think about college, respect your elders, go to pep rallies, and remember to have fun.

And don't die.

Horror at Opal High is a horror themed roleplaying campaign making use of the Chronicles of Darkness rule set alongside an unofficial updated Innocents sourcebook borrowed from World of Darkness 2nd edition.

The players play the part of students at Opal Bay High School, in the town of Opal Bay, Oregon. Opal Bay is a vacation and event town whose population varies between 25,000 and 35,000 based on the time of year and what's going on. That doesn't mean it doesn't have other things going on, however. There's still a small fishery and cannery active in the town, a notable artist colony, a small marine barracks, a series of orchards, a growing tech presence as the internet picks up steam, and even an experimental long range radio telescope.

That said, not everything is right in this little slice of earthly paradise. The local sheriff's office is swamped with missing persons cases, the seas outside the bay can turn violent with no warning. There are whispers that if, late at night, you use a radio to listen to the static coming off the telescope you can hear unearthly howls.

I'm sure none of that matters though, you know, to you kids. You've got real monsters to fight: teenagers.

Horror At Opal High

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